Brylane Selects EasyAsk Enterprise 9

Feb 18, 2004

EasyAsk, provider of synchronized search and navigation technology, has announced that Brylane Inc. has selected the EasyAsk Enterprise 9 platform. Brylane will use the integrated search, navigation, merchandising and analytics capabilities of EasyAsk Enterprise 9 for each of its 13 ecommerce sites, which include several apparel and home décor brands. Brylane Inc. offers nine catalogs and corresponding ecommerce Web sites; Brylane's brands include Chadwick's, Lerner Catalog, Lane Bryant Catalog, Roaman's, Jessica London, King Size, Brylane Home, BrylaneHome Kitchen, and BrylaneHome Wishes. Brylane is headquartered in New York with facilities in Indiana, Massachusetts and Texas and is a subsidiary of Redcats and a division of Pinault-Printemps-Redoute.

EasyAsk Enterprise 9 features EasyAsk Commerce Advisor, an ecommerce module designed to improve search and navigation effectiveness across B2C and B2B sites and to empower merchants to be more effective promoting and cross-selling products.  Commerce Advisor is designed to interpret customer queries, ranging from single or multiple keywords, to phrases or full natural-language sentences. Those results are then automatically categorized according to available or derived attributes, such as brand, size, price, style, sleeve length, collar style, fabric, color, "best sellers," "on sale" or "what's hot," allowing shoppers to drill down results.