Brother Announces Joint Development of Content Distribution System

Dec 20, 2005

Brother Industries, Ltd. has announced that in cooperation with the Grid Technology Research Center of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Muraoka Research Lab. of Waseda University and Xing Inc., it has developed a content distribution system using grid technology.

Grid technology builds a virtual high performance computer by connecting multiple computers over a network. The CDG System distributes content by sharing throughout the whole system the CPU and memory of PCs and terminals such as digital home appliances, and the resources such as the networks that these terminals are connected to. With a newly developed algorithm, it has become possible for the individual terminals to autonomously store and coordinate content in their caches each time they go online and thereby work together to bear the load of the overall system.

Each terminal identifies the nearest terminals in the network and autonomously retrieves content shared between their caches, so a distribution server is unnecessary. Furthermore, with the CDG System, an increase in terminals means an increase in resources, therefore even if the number of users increases, system stability is maintained. The CDG System can distribute large volumes of data at low cost and under secure management.