Brooklyn College Library Chooses Artesia TEAMS DAM Solution

Mar 30, 2004


Artesia Technologies has announced that Brooklyn College has implemented the Artesia TEAMS digital asset management solution as part of its efforts to provide enhanced access to its holdings. The Artesia TEAMS solution is designed to provide the college with a centralized digital archive supporting all media types, including audio and video recordings, graphics and images and electronic documents. Through integration with the campus' IT backbone, users can access these materials at any time from classrooms, dorm rooms, off-campus locations, and within the library itself.

Brooklyn College's Office of Academic Information Technologies' New Media Center will be using the Artesia TEAMS solution to convert analog media into a number of specialized digital collections, including: Current materials owned by the College, such as the collected papers of legal scholar Alan Dershowitz, masters' theses dating back to 1936 and the Brooklyniana Collection chronicling the Borough's history; Faculty holdings that could be used to support advanced research and/or additional classroom study; and Third-party organizations looking to leverage the New Media Center staff to preserve and digitize materials of historical or culture significance so that they could be made more broadly available.