BrokerTalk Chooses MindAlign for Community

Jul 06, 2004


Parlano, Inc., a provider of collaborative messaging applications, has announced that BrokerTalk, a London-based start-up, has standardized its organization on Parlano's MindAlign Collaborative Messaging Framework. BrokerTalk, a new service launched by a group of senior investment bankers, fixed-income traders and asset managers, plans to use the product to reveal key trading activities--known as the flow--that drive the price action in the markets.

MindAlign is a real-time communications solution that delivers visibility of and access to people and information across organizational and geographic boundaries. This business application works as a foundation for improved communications, providing persistent group and topic-based instant messaging and collaboration tools. MindAlign securely connects employees, customers, and trading partners around the world with people, information, and context to help companies execute trades and business processes more efficiently.