Broadcast Interactive Media and Mochila Partner

Mar 07, 2008

Mochila, an online media marketplace for text, photo, and video content and Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM), a provider of locally-focused web solutions for television and radio broadcasters announced a joint partnership. Through this partnership, BIM will provide Mochila's rights-managed content directly to TV and radio stations in the 120 markets served by BIM. Using Mochila's open-standard RSS Atom API, BIM will fully integrate with the Mochila platform, automatically connecting BIM's content management and web publishing systems to access Mochila's rights-managed content. By connecting with Mochila's API interface, BIM intends to provide its stations with direct access to relevant news from the Mochila content repository. BIM also intends to customize real-time feeds through this open standards XML-based API using keyword, category, byline, source, and many other parameters.

Mochila also announced the release of its new ad-supported slideshow player. The new Mochila Slideshow Player is a widget that allows pre-created static or dynamic search related photos to be displayed in a 300x-pixel wide frame that can be embedded in any webpage. The player will provide publishers with a customized application to feature photos from other member organizations including Getty Images and the Associated Press. The widget application also provides monetization support for publishers with in-stream 300x250 rich media ad units, as well as attached fixed display and text ad units.