BroadVision Launches Clearvale Enterprise for Corporate Communications

Jan 20, 2011

BroadVision, Inc., a developer of e-business and enterprise social networking solutions, announced the release of Clearvale Enterprise for Corporate Communications, a solution that streamlines the process of creating, managing, and publicizing corporate marketing materials on private and public networks. Clearvale(TM) Enterprise for Corporate Communications is part of the Clearvale Enterprise Ecosystems, which lets users create and manage multiple networks with different user profiles.

Clearvale Enterprise for Corporate Communications manages the lifecycle of a corporate communications document, such as a press release, from creation to review, modification, and finally publication. Clearvale Enterprise for Corporate Communications allows multiple users to collaborate internally on documents in real-time and over the cloud. Documents can be shared with PR agencies, publications, and the general public via outward facing communities.

Other features include the ability to dynamically monitor influencers on social networks, build and integrate apps through an open API and widget gallery, integrate separate communications tools, and integrate with existing systems such as CRM and publishing tools.