British Council to Launch a Site Every Two Weeks With Obtree Technologies

Dec 13, 2002


British Council, the government-backed agency that promotes relationships between the UK and other countries, has announced that it plans to launch a new Web site every two weeks in the New Year, using its content management solution from Obtree Technologies. British Council's goal is that by the end of 2003 the majority of its 109 global learning resource and information sites will go 'live'. British Council has two key objectives that will be reflected in the new Web sites: to connect people world-wide with UK learning opportunities and creative ideas, and to promote and communicate a positive image of the UK. By improving the quality of content, it hopes that the Web sites will be viewed as more useful and encourage a greater number of visitors to the UK. So far, British Council has launched country specific Web sites for the UK, France, Australia, India, and most recently the Japanese site, Countries earmarked for new Web sites next year include Singapore, Italy, Indonesia, South and North America, and five countries in southern Africa. One Arabic language portal covering 16 countries is being developed for launch at the end of January. With the launch of the new Web sites, authors around the world will be able to make changes to the content in a timely fashion. Already, up to 10 authors in Japan are updating content to the newly launched Japanese Web site. To support one of British Council's most demanding needs--multilingual Capabilities--each site will be written in English and the native language.

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