Brightcove Releases Brightcove 5 Online Video Platform

Nov 04, 2010

Brightcove released Brightcove 5, a new iteration of its online video platform. This latest version includes enhancements that help customers expand audience reach, maximize the return on online video investments, and accelerate productivity. New features in Brightcove 5 include distribution and synchronization with YouTube, Apple HTTP streaming for the mobile web and apps, Adobe Flash analytics, and HTML5 video.

Brightcove 5's YouTube Sync helps customers rapidly expand their online audience by automatically pushing video content and descriptive metadata simultaneously to their websites and to YouTube. Additionally, any updates made to those designated videos in the Brightcove system are then automatically updated and synced in YouTube.
Meanwhile, an enhanced mobile SDK provides organizations with the tools to deliver mobile apps that include video playback, playlist navigation, long-form content viewing, email, and Twitter sharing, as well full-screen tablet experiences.

Brightcove 5 also introduces an Apple iPad reference app as an advanced starting point for creating immersive iPad video viewing experiences.