Brightcom Integrates GeoEdge and Forensiq to Reinforce Viewability and Ad Traffic Quality

Aug 16, 2016

Brightcom, an ad tech and multi-channel media company, announced its newest integrations with partners GeoEdge and Forensiq to improve the quality and efficacy of its programmatic advertising offerings. Brightcom says it is now better equipped to offer enhanced viewability measurement and cross-platform advertising fraud detection.

This integration enables Brightcom to better combat fraudulent impressions by using Forensiq's multiple solutions, alongside GeoEdge's malware protection and global visibility solutions. Brightcom will leverage its real-time intelligence to filter and report on traffic. Through Forensiq, Brightcom will send all ad traffic to be evaluated for fraud. Additionally, Brightcom can analyze fraudulent behavior based on a fraud score response. This will allow tracking of threats in real time, which is key to building a sustainable app ecosystem where waste is minimized for all stakeholders.

GeoEdge's ad security and verification process scans video ads for malware and other malicious activity in the creative, ad tags, landing page, pre- and post-click delivery paths, and extended VAST tree. If any malicious activity is identified, the GeoEdge Incident Recommendation Engine instantly notifies Brightcom and presents detailed information on how to handle the attack. Armed with this data, Brightcom can proactively block the malicious campaign and demand partner.