BrightInfo Introduces B2B Web Content Recommendation Engine

Sep 16, 2013

BrightInfo introduced a business-to-business (B2B) web content recommendation engine that turns anonymous visitors into known marketing leads. Leveraging existing online marketing materials, the engine dynamically delivers relevant content to website visitors at the right time, based on their preferences and behaviors. With an optimized solution for corporate websites, blogs and landing pages the content recommendations are made at key entry points into the site.

BrightInfo automatically and continually discovers website content, while understanding behavioral patterns and preferences, in real-time. The BrightInfo engine then displays discovered marketing materials matching each visitor preferences via a non-intrusive, customizable recommendation sidebar.

While in beta, according to Brightinfo, the patent-pending recommendation engine helped marketers increase leads by an average of 39% while also reducing cost per lead. The product is available as a "freemium" offering to small businesses and at an overall low-cost for sites with more traffic.

Other features of the BrightInfo engine include a landing page-optimized solution for bounce reduction; analytics to discover which content is most valuable to your visitors; private testing so only individuals you approve can see the recommendation engine; A/B testing.