BrightEdge Automates SEO with the Launch of BrightEdge Autopilot at Share19

Sep 19, 2019

BrightEdge, a provider of organic search and content performance, unveiled BrightEdge Autopilot and the deployment of the industry’s first self-driving SEO technology. Made possible through a series of technology investments and targeted acquisitions, marketers can now auto-optimize mobile and fully automate the most critical and time-consuming of SEO tasks.

Following on from the release of BrightEdge Instant, which brought real-time insights and recommendations to marketers for search and digital channels, such as YouTube and Amazon, BrightEdge Autopilot auto-optimizes many aspects of SEO including mobile.

Navigating opportunities in SEO and Mobile: Turning Challenges into Opportunity

New research released by BrightEdge shows that 53.5% (up from 51% last year) of website traffic comes from organic search. This presents a huge opportunity for marketers to automate and optimize their most important marketing channels with speed, precision and scale.

  • Automating and Optimizing SEO: Unified in One Platform—BrightEdge Instant gave marketers the capability to conduct real-time research and optimize content all within one platform. The impact is instantaneous since marketers no longer have to struggle with disparate and unconnected data silos and the inflexibility of narrow point solutions. This foundational, real-time technology architecture – built around the industry’s largest set of high-fidelity data in an AI-powered platform – paved the way for BrightEdge Autopilot.
  • BrightEdge Autopilot: Trilibis Technology Acquisition and Integration—BrightEdge recently acquired technology developed by mobile solutions pioneer Trilibis and hired its former CTO, Meyyappan Alagappan. Triibis technology – which has been deployed already to hundreds of large enterprises - has now been transformed and integrated into the BrightEdge Autopilot solution. 

BrightEdge Autopilot now adds hundreds more global deployments across consumer brands, media companies and enterprises. BrightEdge Autopilot brings smart, end-to-end automation of SEO, now adding mobile page and image optimization. Within 6 months of deployment, over 1,000 brands are now using BrightEdge Autopilot to power Self-Driving SEO.

Brands across numerous industry verticals have seen dramatic performance improvements – 30-50% in Retail and upwards of 200-300% in Manufacturing and in Automotive!

BrightEdge Labs and Mergers & Acquisitions Initiative—Following on from the formation of the BrightEdge Innovation Circle (BIC)—an environment for key customers to gain early access to key innovations—a new M&A team has been formed to evaluate potential new acquisitions already in the pipeline. 

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