BrightEdge Announces Next Wave of Organic Search with ContentIQ And HyperLocal Releases

Mar 07, 2017

BrightEdge, a provider of enterprise organic search and content performance, launched ContentIQ and HyperLocal, tools designed to drive marketers’ organic search revenue conversions. As search and content marketing disciplines converge it has become clear that marketers need to maximize the value of technology and the insights derived to deliver both compelling content and a great user experience.

As companies adapt to a mobile-first world, they must create web experiences that are responsive and driven by rich experiences. However, without understanding or adhering to SEO best practices, content creators can inadvertently cause technical errors, duplicate content, or orphan pages. These issues severely impact organic search performance resulting in decreased traffic, conversions, and revenue.

BrightEdge ContentIQ, a site auditing solution, aims to minimize revenue loss attributable to poor user experience and organic performance caused by site errors. BrightEdge ContentIQ says it is the only solution that delivers a comprehensive website audit natively within an SEO platform.

Built for the mobile web era, BrightEdge ContentIQ crawls and inspects progressive web applications, single page applications, JavaScript frameworks, schemas, and social tags.

  • ContentIQ helps identify, prioritize, fix, and monitor critical site errors
  • BrightEdge ContentIQ is fully integrated into the BrightEdge platform and integrates with other platforms like StoryBuilder and Anomaly Detection.  
  • BrightEdge customers can adjust audits to match their organization’s unique digital standards


Introducing BrightEdge HyperLocal Enhancements

Google has taken the next step in providing the most relevant results to consumers – contextualizing SERPs to small geographical locations. Now, the same search query performed in nearby cities could result in different SERP experiences across different devices. According to BrightEdge research mobile results in local SERPS can vary dramatically - mobile results in San Francisco v mobile results in NYC are 68% different.

Using an aggregated view to assess organic performance, marketers can get a skewed view of how their customers experience search locally. To prioritize SEO and content marketing investments effectively, they need a higher resolution picture of where and when customers see their brands in organic search results.

BrightEdge’s HyperLocal enhancements enables search marketers to identify topics and understand how content performs in over 68K local search engines so marketers can track organic performance down to specific locations, pinpoint search demand and performance across the US and around the world.