Brigham & Women's Hospital Chooses Xythos WebDAV Solution

Aug 22, 2003

The Surgical Planning Lab (SPL) at Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston, MA has implemented Xythos Software's WebFile Server (WFS) in an attempt to simplify how doctors and clinicians review and exchange files while protecting confidential medical data throughout the collaborative process. It is expected that clinical and research collaborators within the departments of Radiology and Neurosurgery at Brigham & Women's Hospital will be among the first to benefit from the SPL's Xythos implementation. Hospital employees and collaborators regularly use Xythos to provide secure and controlled access to information including collections of large medical image files, imaging and visualization software packages, and grant documents.

Xythos has also just published new resources to assist organizations seeking to improve their compliance capabilities. In addition to a case study reviewing the Surgical Planning Lab's Xythos implementation, the company is releasing a new white paper, "Internet File Management and HIPAA - A Practical Approach towards Responding to the Privacy Regulation of the Act." This paper documents how Internet standards including WebDAV, SSL, and HTTP can be used to provide a successful foundation for compliance solutions.