Brandify Mobile Launches To Empower Brands With A Suite Of Mobile-Centric Solutions

Mar 14, 2016

Brandify, a provider of location-based digital marketing solutions that enables brands to connect better with their consumers, announced the availability of the company's new mobile platform, Brandify Mobile. The Brandify Mobile Stack is an integrated mobile-local solution creating a complete mobile customer experience. The Brandify Stack is made up of the following three products: The Brandify Stack, The Brandify App, and Mobile Attribution Insights. 

Upon its first release, The Brandify Stack will include Brandify's Location Software Development Kit (SDK), Beacon and Wallet Integration, and Apple Watch Integration. Brandify Mobile says it gives brands and store managers the power to unify location data, act in real-time, and grow local presence with flexible configuration options built to suit different organizations. The mobile-first features on the app will manage Listings, Reviews, and Local-Social CRM to communicate with customers, better manage review response, and moderation, and schedule local content by region or by an individual store, all from the App.