Brainshark Launches Sales, Marketing and Learning Clouds

Jan 21, 2014

Brainshark, Inc., a provider of cloud-based business presentations, announced the availability of new solution packages including the Brainshark Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Learning Cloud. The aim is to help businesses improve the effectiveness of external and internal communications. Brainshark is also unveiling its new Analytics Dashboard, an integral component of these packages. The dashboard provides a visual, single-screen representation of real-time presentation viewing data so individual users and managers can see how their content is performing and take action.

With the Brainshark Learning Cloud organizations can create, deploy and manage mobile-ready presentations, courses, and curriculums for eLearning and mLearning needs. Brainshark Marketing Cloud improves demand generation and external communication activities. Using Brainshark's analytics, marketers can measure the effectiveness of each piece of content, while integration with marketing automation systems makes it easy to identify, score and nurture the best leads. The Brainshark Sales Cloud incorporates the capabilities of the Learning Cloud, Marketing Cloud and more, with a comprehensive sales enablement solution for sales training and onboarding, prospecting and social selling, and both on-demand and live presentation needs.

Brainshark is also launching its Analytics Dashboard, giving users insight into content effectiveness, viewing data and patterns, and social activity. The dashboard combines different data on presentation views and usage into visual representations, all on a single screen. Key viewing metrics are reflected in graphs and charts with users able to drill down to see granular details, such as individual slide views for a given presentation.