Brainshark Enhances Mobile Video Offerings

Apr 05, 2011

Brainshark, Inc., announced enhancements that provide mobile viewers with a more interactive experience, featuring a new module called "Brainshark Enhanced Mobile," a Flash-based mobile player, and updates to its iOS apps. Brainshark allows users to add their voice, video clips, interactivity, and attachments to slide decks and other documents, in order to create online video presentations. Brainshark video presentations can be viewed from BlackBerry, Palm, iOS, Windows Mobile and Android-based devices.

The Brainshark Enhanced Mobile module's capabilities include enhanced mobile reporting, support for interactive poll, survey, and exam questions, and formal mLearning support. The module is available to Brainshark enterprise solution customers. The Flash player is designed to enable greater user interactivity, and the iOS update features an updated design, customer branding, application prompts, and a higher content refresh rate.