BrainKeeper Enterprise Wiki Expands Collaboration Features

Aug 07, 2007

BrainKeeper, a provider of corporate knowledge management solutions, has released integrated Blogs, enhanced Content Tagging, and other features aimed at improving adoption to its Enterprise Wiki product- a corporate collaboration solution that enables all employees to contribute knowledge and ideas to a central, online system.

BrainKeeper has utilized the Web 2.0 concept of Tagging, called Content Tags. With Content Tags, a block of text can be tagged, rather than having to tag the entire page- which allows tags to be associated with the exact content that they apply to. These tags are also searchable and search results provide a link directly to the tagged content.

BrainKeeper offers an integration between its features, meaning that the WYSIWYG content editor that is used to create wiki Pages is also used for creating Blog Posts. Tags are available on all content items, RSS feeds are available for everything, administration is centralized, and all content can be monitored with workflow capabilities.