Bowker Connects Users to StreetLib Publishing Platform

Oct 16, 2017

Visitors to the Bowker website will now be able to access StreetLib, a publishing platform offering book publishing tools in one placeStreetLib supports authors and publishers by providing the services necessary to publish and sell books online in multiple formats. It also provides technical and commercial assistance to help its users get the most out of its services. Bowker’s is the official ISBN registration site for American publishers. Bowker is a ProQuest affiliate.

StreetLib has developed the tools necessary for authors/publishers to write, edit, publish, and sell their books — in print or digital format — on one platform. Social media is used to deliver relevant and timely information directly to its users, customized to their interests. They can follow other users, publications, and topics, and receive personalized suggestions. Since the StreetLib platform is all-inclusive, it brings together authors and publishers working in different genres, in all phases of the writing and publishing process.