Bowker Book Production Report Finds Life in Print

May 19, 2011

Bowker released its annual report on U.S. print book publishing, compiled from from the company‘s Books In Print database.  Based on preliminary figures from U.S. publishers, Bowker is projecting that traditional U.S. print title output in 2010 increased 5%, despite the increased popularity of ebooks. The output of new titles and editions increased from 302,410 in 2009 to a projected 316,480 in 2010.

Substantial growth was seen in what Bowker referred to as the non-traditional sectors: books marketed almost exclusively on the web, largely available as on-demand titles from reprint houses and specialty publishers. The sector saw a growth of 169% from 1,033,065 in 2009 to 2,776,260 in 2010. Science and technology were also leading areas of growth, as consumers purchased information for business and careers.  Major increases were seen in the areas of computers, science, and technology, each of which saw more than 30% growth over 2009.

Fiction, which is still the largest category, dropped 3% from 2009, continuing a decline from peak output in 2007.