Boomtrain Launches Machine Learning Email Personalization Tool

Feb 23, 2016

Boomtrain, a marketing platform with machine intelligence at its core, announced the launch of Boomtrain Editor, a platform that provides marketers with a simple way to add advanced machine learning personalization to their email campaigns sent through virtually any email provider. Boomtrain says its dynamic personalization predicts the optimal email content for each recipient, and can be applied by simply dragging and dropping it into a customizable template.  

Built with a personalization-first mentality, with deep machine learning technology already embedded, Boomtrain Editor allows marketers to take their existing static email templates and make them fully or partially dynamic with just a few clicks of the mouse. Rather than displaying the same content for all subscribers, content will now be personalized with recommendations for each individual user, regardless of the amount of recipients.  

Prior to the launch of Boomtrain Editor, the company says there was no way to upload existing HTML newsletters and turn them into a dynamic, 1:1 personalized template, without a team of supporting engineers to assist. This new capability now makes it possible for marketers to edit their existing HTML newsletters or build their own from scratch to include dynamic personalization.

Boomtrain has also announced a partnership with Iterable, a user engagement platform that powers marketing across email, mobile and web, to serve dynamic, personalized content to individual consumers through the Iterable email platform. Through this partnership, Boomtrain will power content within the email, while Iterable will be responsible for sending the actual email.

Because Boomtrain Editor is modularly designed, it can be accessed as a standalone application, or through one of its select Email Service Provider partners. Boomtrain Editor is designed to work seamlessly with virtually any email service provider.