Boomtrain Launches Boomtrain Messenger in Beta

Aug 11, 2016

Boomtrain, a provider of marketing platforms powered by artificial intelligence (AI), unveiled Boomtrain Messenger for B2C brands. Boomtrain Messenger is the first to integrate intelligent messaging into the entire marketing platform, enabling personalized conversations through multiple channels with one master control. Boomtrain says Messenger eliminates the need for marketers to depend on generic messages to engage prospects and customers. It captures a rich history of engagements and behaviors to provide a full, unified view of each user, and uses triggers to give conversations a meaningful starting point.  

Combined with Boomtrain's core AI platform, Boomtrain Messenger gives marketers the ability to incorporate multi-channel chat functionality to facilitate bi-directional, scalable conversations with their customers. The bi-directional conversations are initiated by specific triggers based on user activities. The intelligent messaging utilizes AI to provide a full, unified view of each user by understanding the full history of prior engagements and conversations. This approach provides the full context to facilitate highly relevant messaging, using the right content at the right time.