Bookeen Offers Free Service

Dec 16, 2005

Bookeen has announced that the Cybook ebook reading device will be wireless for free during the holidays. For the holidays, Bookeen will offer a Wireless LAN compact Flash Card with every Cybook bought on its online shop.

The Cybook ebook reading device has been designed to provide an ereading experience. It gives users access to broadband wireless Internet services. It features an 800x600 color display (either in portrait or landscape mode) and an embedded Internet Explorer application, allowing users to browse Web sites. Users will have access to all ebook files stored in the hard disk of their computer. The Cybook supports several ebook formats (PRC, PDB, HTML, RTF and TXT) allowing both copyrighted and personal digital content. The Cybook gives access to more than 21,000 copyrighted ebooks and hundreds of thousands of free digital documents on the Web.