Boingo Wireless Partners with Concourse Communications

Dec 09, 2003

Boingo Wireless, Inc. has announced an agreement with Concourse Communications Group to add all of Concourse's Wi-Fi hot spot locations at major U.S. airports to the Boingo Roaming System. Under the network footprint agreement, Wi-Fi access at these airports will be available to users of the Boingo Roaming System, which includes Boingo Wi-Fi users, and users of services offered by Boingo's Platform Services partners.

Concourse Communications is a neutral-host wireless network operator. The company works with airports and other commercial venues to build a cellular and Wi-Fi infrastructure, and then partners with service providers to deliver wireless voice and data services over that network. The company has developed the Commercial Wireless Access System, a broadband wireless network infrastructure that is designed to support all licensed and unlicensed wireless services operating between 800 MHz and 40 GHz.

Boingo's Wi-Fi service is focused on providing convenient Wi-Fi access for business travelers at airports, hotels, restaurants, and cafes. The company is also a Wi-Fi hot spot aggregator, using its roaming and billing technology to allow Wi-Fi access on hot spots operated worldwide. Through its private-label Platform Services offering, Boingo Wireless wholesales this network to telecommunications, Internet and remote-access service providers that want to offer their own Wi-Fi service. Platform Services customers include EarthLink, Fiberlink, Infonet, and Telecom Italia.

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