Boeing C-17 Program Chooses XyEnterprise XML Publishing Solution

Mar 28, 2003

XyEnterprise, a developer of XML content management and enterprise publishing solutions, has announced that the Boeing C-17 Program has deployed the latest release of XyEnterprise's XML Professional Publisher (XPP) software. The XPP application, used in concert with XyEnterprise's content management software, automates the production of technical manuals and service documentation for each of the C-17 aircraft produced by the Boeing Company. XPP is the standards-based composition, transformation, and rendering software offered by XyEnterprise for publishing in the technical documentation, commercial, legal, journal, and financial publishing markets. Corporations and other organizations use XML Professional Publisher (XPP) to process and transform standardized inputs (such as XML) into PDF and print output. XPP supports structured content and complex typographical capabilities in batch, WYSIWYG, and development environments for end users and integrators. Boeing produces the C-17 Globemaster III for the US Air Force to fulfill airlift needs such as carrying large combat equipment, troops or humanitarian aid across international distances directly to small airfields anywhere in the world. The XyEnterprise solution enables Boeing to support the training, operation, and maintenance of this important aircraft in its multitude of missions. The XyEnterprise system also supports the change page and loose-leaf output standards found in most military technical documents.