BnF FranceS Signs Deal with Jouve, Safig, and Diadeis to Digitize Collections

Apr 28, 2011

France's National Library, BnF, established a partnership with the Jouve Group, Safig, and Diadies to digitize more than 70,000 of its works each year. Roughly 70% of these books will come from the print collections of the BnF, while the remaining 30% will come from the collections of partner libraries. The project will be financed by the Centre National du Livre and is currently slated for a three-year period.

The deal will provide BnF with high-quality scans featuring a resolution of 400 DPI, digitization in color or grayscale, a minimal guaranteed OCR standard of 98.5% for documents produced after 1750, and 20% of documents digitized with high quality OCR (99.9%). At least 10% of documents will be provided in an ePub version, compatible with mobile e-readers.