Bluestream Releases XStreamDB 3.1 Native XML Database

Jul 16, 2004

Bluestream Database Software Corp., a provider of XML data solutions for content management, elearning, health care, and legacy system applications, has announced the release of its XStreamDB 3.1 native XML DBMS. XStreamDB 3.1 is a native XML database management server optimized for efficient, high-speed storage and retrieval of XML documents and data. It features robust transaction architecture, the XQuery query language with update extensions, XML Schema support, and full-text indexing and search. XStreamDB 3.1 is a device and operating system independent platform Native XML database server built on Pure Java technology. The included XStreamDB Explorer application can be used for ad hoc queries and browsing the database. The WebDAV connector provides for file and folder views of documents in the database, making them accessible to XML editors such as Blast Radius, XMetaL, and Altova XMLSpy.