Bluecore Introduces Decisioning Platform for Commerce Marketers

Mar 02, 2017

Bluecore, a four-year-old SaaS technology provider that helps marketers to take immediate action on behavioral and product data, debuted its new Decisioning Platform for retailers. The platform fills three key voids in today’s retail marketing ecosystem: It helps marketers organize massive data sets, determine “what to do next” with it, and then deploy campaigns across several channels, all through the use of one simple user interface.

The decisioning platform is built upon Bluecore’s proprietary architecture, created specifically to solve for complex data ingestion, user identification, and audience-building for cross-channel marketing. The platform’s ability to process massive data sets and generate highly-personalized insights and audiences on the fly is now delivered through a marketer-controlled user interface that connects directly to social, display, email, and onsite campaigns.

As the connective tissue in the marketing stack, the Bluecore Decisioning Platform is used by marketing and ecommerce managers, email marketers, digital innovation leaders, search and CRM professionals to create audiences and then decide how and where to engage them. The platform integrates seamlessly with other marketing technologies to deploy email, onsite, Google, Facebook, and display campaigns.