Bluecore Ads Quickly Sync Hyper-Targeted Messages Across All Devices, Channels

Jun 07, 2016

Bluecore, a customer experience platform empowering marketers to take immediate action on behavioral and product data, announced the company's platform expansion into an array of advertising channels with Bluecore Ads.

Its marketer-friendly triggered email and Predictive Audiences applications were a natural springboard into this launch. Ads accesses first party data--including email addresses and real-time catalog changes--to enable marketers and agencies to quickly deploy advanced digital advertising programs that push beyond retargeting and cart abandonment.

Bluecore Ads allows marketers to:

  • Tap email, site, customer and product/catalog data sets to develop the easiest, freshest shopper segments
  • Sync those audiences in personalized advertising campaigns across all devices through advertising channels like Facebook, Google AdWords, and Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs)
  • Integrate the application into existing marketing or advertising technologies, workflows and advertising platforms, without a burdensome data ingest process

Marketers who have already integrated Bluecore into their ecommerce sites will have no integration work to perform or tech resources to obtain to start working with Bluecore Ads. They can integrate Ads with their existing advertising platform accounts in just a few clicks. For new customers, Bluecore will provide a single snippet of Javascript code that just needs to be copied and pasted into the global header of the website. There's no data dump or tech support required.