BlueCielo Launches New Solutions

Jan 16, 2009


BlueCielo ECM Solutions, a global software company offering Engineering Content Management (ECM) solutions, has released InnoCielo Advanced Project Workflow module 2008a, InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise 2008a, and InnoCielo TeamWork 2008a. The InnoCielo Advanced Project Workflow module supports workflow interlocks at every level of a complex project, to ensure that documents at one level are approved before the workflow of a higher project level can advance. The InnoCielo Advanced Project Workflow module also provides configurability to allow it to adapt to a variety of change processes without the need for programming or other customization. BlueCielo’s InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise and InnoCielo TeamWork 2008a provide support for the 64-bit version of AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, and SolidWorks. InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise 2008a completes the support of Microsoft Remote Desktop and Citrix Terminal Server. The new release of InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise adds client email integration with Lotus Notes to the integration with Microsoft Outlook released in InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise 2008. InnoCielo Global Collaboration Framework 2008a, the latest version of the InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise module has been released for InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise 2008aproviding group support and enabling sites to be combined into groups.