BlueCielo ECM Solutions Unveils New Names for its Flagship Engineering CM Solutions

Apr 24, 2007

BlueCielo ECM Solutions (formerly Cyco Software), a global software company offering Engineering Content Management (ECM) solutions, has announced that the names of its flagship ECM software solutions AutoManager Meridian and AutoManager TeamWork will be changed with immediate effect to InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise and InnoCielo TeamWork, along with similar name changes to its entire product line.

For BlueCielo’s key product InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise, its new name highlights the software’s ability to enable organizations to manage and share their technical information across the enterprise and help to streamline engineering-related business processes. InnoCielo will replace AutoManager in the rest of BlueCielo’s product line, for example: AutoManager View becomes InnoCielo View; AutoManager BriefCase becomes InnoCielo BriefCase; AutoManager Asset Management Server becomes InnoCielo Asset Management Server; AutoManager Asset Management Extension becomes InnoCielo Asset Management Extension; AutoManager Asset Management Module becomes InnoCielo Asset Management Module; AutoManager Shop Floor Web Client becomes InnoCielo Shop Floor Web Client; AutoManager Maximo Module becomes InnoCielo Maximo Module; AutoManager Maximo EDM Web Client becomes InnoCielo Maximo EDM Web Client; AutoManager Maintenance EDM Web Client becomes InnoCielo Maintenance EDM Web Client.