BlueCielo ECM Solutions Releases InnoCielo Asset Management Module

Jun 29, 2007

BlueCielo ECM Solutions (formerly Cyco Software) has released an add-on module to InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise, named the InnoCielo Asset Management Module. This module is designed to ensure the performance of assets and avoid operational disruptions by integrating engineering content managed by InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise to enterprise assets managed by Enterprise Asset Management, Maintenance Management, and Facility Management solutions. The InnoCielo Asset Management Module integrates Engineering Content Management with Enterprise Asset Management. Standard integrations are designed with a number of maintenance management systems, including Maximo and SAP Plant Maintenance.

From the maintenance management system, users have direct access to the related technical documentation. The InnoCielo Asset Management Module is designed to manage the asset-document relationship in InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise and offers a functionality to find the latest versions of documents by asset number, as well as the assets related to particular technical documents. The InnoCielo Asset Management Module includes the InnoCielo Shop Floor Client, which has been designed to provide maintenance staff access to assets and related technical documentation. Features include: the ability to find technical documents using an asset identifier as a search key; the ability to identify which set of documents is subject to change due to a plant change; technical asset information and as-built data; compliance with quality, environmental, and legal regulations; and handover of engineering data.