Blue Order to Introduce Media Archive 3.0

Aug 30, 2005

Blue Order, a provider of Enterprise Media Asset Management (MAM), has announced plans to introduce Media Archive 3.0, a new release of its Enterprise Media Asset Management platform.

New features include: a Configurable Data Model, which enables system administrators to customize the Media Archive data model from a back office GUI--with just a few mouse clicks. Different content types (video, audio, images, documents, others) and content genres (news, sports, politics) can be defined and for each content genre, a specific set of data elements (attributes, strata) can be configured. Media Archive 3.0 comes with pre-configured data models for all content types; Configurable Workflows, which are Media Archive Workflow Management that automate machine-based workflows and support human workflows. Media Archive 3.0 Workflow Management now comes with a scripting language (SwoDL--Simple Workflow Description Language) that enables administrators to customize workflows, plus pre-configured workflow templates for ingest, import, export, and content reuse that can be adapted to specific customer requirements; Windows Media 9 Support, Media Archive's Multiformat Browsing Architecture (MBA), has been enhanced to support Windows Media 9, Microsoft's implementation of VC-1, as a video browse proxy format, adding to the MPEG-1 and MPEG-4 browse proxy formats already supported by MBA; Web-based Multichannel Scheduling: Media Archive's Multichannel Scheduling (MCS), which allows users to schedule and monitor e. g. ingest jobs from a Web GUI, now integrates with a wider range of devices, including Quantel sQServers and IPV encoders.

The system will include MAC support, which now includes a fully functional Web client for Safari, a Web browser for MAC, enabling MAC users to search and retrieve content, share queries, collections and EDLs, browse video, and create EDLs. Avid Unity Integration, which combines Avid's news production tools with Blue Order's enterprise-scale Media Asset Management platform, providing access to content stored and produced on Avid Unity to many users. EDL folders in Workspace Management (WSM), a collaboration and workflow support tool, has been enhanced to include EDL folders for storing and sharing EDLs across workgroups. This is designed to add to WSM's existing capabilities for sharing queries and collections, accessing devices and databases, and viewing the status of jobs and processes.