Blowtorch Secures More than $50 Million

Nov 20, 2007

Blowtorch Entertainment announced that it has secured more than $50 million in initial funding to create a media company for the young adult audience based on the belief that their media consumption behaviors require new rules for media creation, distribution, and audience engagement. The company was established by senior executives in entertainment, technology and advertising from firms including Leo Burnett, MTV, Ogilvy & Mather, Starcom MediaVest Group, Verizon and major Hollywood studios.

Blowtorch content will include feature-length films, professional-grade shorts, mobile offerings, an online social community, and live events. Its members will help to create, influence and "blowtorch" content made just for them. Blowtorch films will be on hundreds of screens that are geographically concentrated in major cities and large college markets. The company will also distribute its own films and is in negotiations with a variety of theater owners. In addition, Blowtorch has partnered with Vivendi Visual Entertainment to distribute Blowtorch films on DVD. Blowtorch has raised more than $50 million in financing, including an equity investment from Ignition Partners. The investment enables Blowtorch to launch a three-year stream of feature films and short-form content, as well as to build the online community. The company's first feature film release will be "You Are Here" and will debut in theaters in spring 2008.