Bloomsbury Launches Digital Imprint

Jun 02, 2011

Bloomsbury Publishing Plc announced the establishment of a new digital global publisher, Bloomsbury Reader. Bloomsbury Reader will publish books currently unavailable in print where all English-language rights have already reverted to the author or the author's estate and where there is no edition currently in print. Bloomsbury Reader is a digital imprint, since all the books will be sold as ebooks or via print-on-demand. The books will be marketed and sold worldwide at affordable prices. The publisher for Bloomsbury Reader will be Stephanie Duncan and the imprint will be run out of London and New York.

At launch, The Rights House will provide the books as founder partners. The first list to be published in September 2011 has 500 titles by authors including Alan Clark, Ivy Compton-Burnett, Monica Dickens, Angela Huth,  Storm Jameson, Roy Jenkins, HRF Keating, Gavin Lyall, Rose Macaulay, VS Pritchett, Bernice Rubens, Edith Sitwell, Alec Waugh and others.