BloomReach Acquires Hippo

Oct 27, 2016

BloomReach, a machine-learning driven e-commerce personalization platform, acquired Hippo, an open-source enterprise content management provider. The deal marries content and commerce in one "open and intelligent digital experience platform," according to BloomReach CEO Raj De Datta. Earlier this year, BloomReach closed on $56 million in Series D funding. It boosted its total venture capital to about $100 million. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. The acquisition will eventually bring about 210 BloomReach employees and another 100 from Hippo together under the BloomReach brand.

BloomReach provides a single personalization platform that includes BloomReach’s applications for organic search, personalized site-search and navigation in addition to marketing and merchandising analytics. De Datta said its tools expose high-quality content that provides a more relevant and personalized experience for consumers and more profit for the businesses serving them.

Hippo has moved in recent years from providing solely web content management to a digital experience and performance platform that analyzes visitors and anonymous ones alike. BloomReach’s machine-learning engine will integrate into the Hippo Java-based CMS technology to leverage data and algorithmic intelligence and create personalized digital experiences.

BloomReach and De Datta's vision is for three core cloud platforms to make things happen in digital: a back-end or commerce platform, an experience platform powering personalization, and a marketing platform handling campaign execution. Hippo's experience platform layer includes data and algorithms that help determine each visitor’s intent. Its open architecture plugs into the other platforms, including both current BloomReach and Hippo partners. That was an important part of the acquisition consideration, De Datta told CMSWire.