Bloom Intelligence Releases New Ratings Trigger And Data-Rich Customer Cards

Feb 27, 2018

Bloom Intelligence announced the release of two new features to support its innovative Wi-Fi analytics and automated marketing platform. With the launch of its new ratings trigger and data-rich customer cards, Bloom Intelligence is increasing the ROI of its offerings for the hospitality and retail industries.

The ratings trigger capability addresses the issue of negative customer reviews. While 25% of online reviewers are driven by a desire to share positive information about a good experience, 13% have equally strong feelings that they need to warn others about a bad one (source). With nearly 80% of Americans using reviews as their go-to information resource, a negative review can cause irreparable harm to the reputation of a business. 

The Bloom Intelligence ratings trigger was developed to triage negative reviews. The trigger automatically generates an email to the reviewer inviting them back for a second try and the option to add a deal as an added incentive, as well as a means for the business to track the second visit. Once the customer has returned to the location, a second communication is triggered that invites the guest to re-rate the business. The business has the option to set a threshold for the ratings level for which they wish to send a response and time period in which they prefer to do so.

The platform also offers the ability to measure service recovery. The Bloom Intelligence platform shows the difference in ratings by percent of customer improvement, both guest-by-guest and globally.

The new Customer Card feature is designed to collect more customer profile data and allow more highly targeted automated marketing campaigns. In addition to name and email, the new digital customer card will offer a full screen of information, including birth date, gender, photos and social media on which they’ve shared deals and information about the business. It will also include a history of what emails have been sent to the customer, deals delivered, and those utilized.