Bloggers, Citizen Reporters Play Vital Role in Journalism's Future, According to Poll

Feb 16, 2007

A majority of Americans (55%) in an online survey said bloggers are important to the future of American journalism and 74% said citizen journalism will play a vital role, according to a new WE Media/Zogby Interactive poll. The poll also showed that most respondents (53%) also said the rise of free internet-based media pose the greatest opportunity to the future of professional journalism and three in four (76%) said the internet has had a positive impact on the overall quality of journalism.

The survey results were released by Pollster John Zogby as part of a conference of media industry insiders hosted by the University of Miami. In the national survey of adults, 72% said they were dissatisfied with the quality of American journalism today. A majority of conference-goers who were polled on the subject agreed--55% said they were dissatisfied, and 61% said they believed traditional journalism is out of touch with what Americans want from their news. Nearly nine out of 10 media insiders (86%) said they believe bloggers will play an important part in journalism's future.