Blog and Development Companies to Support Structured Blogging

Dec 20, 2005

Web search, blog and development companies including PubSub, Bloglines, Feedster, Meetup, Sxip, CommerceNet, Broadband Mechanics and others have announced the start of an initiative to keep structured content standards in sync.

Companies involved in the Structured Blogging Initiative include: Attensa, Bloglines, Bloqx,, Bryght, CommerceNet, Cordance, Edgeio, etribes, Feedster, 5ive, FreeRange, GoingOn,, IntelliCal, iUpload, iVillage, Meetup, NetVibes, Newsgator, OpenBC, Pluck, PubSub Concepts, Qumana, ReadSpeaker,, relevantNOISE, Rojo, Sphere, Sxip, Tribe Networks, and Yiibu. The Structured Blogging Initiative uses microformats and other similar open standards to freely move and share structured content between different vendors' products and services on the Web , as well as in the off-line world.

The new software has been created so that any publisher, from the individual blogger to institutions, can make content more intrinsically searchable and self definable on the Web without giving up ownership of that content. This means that search tools can access this content and consumer-based Web services can be created. With the advent of semi-structured information in blog posts and syndication feeds, users can expect Web services and applications based on the data embedded within their posts. GoingOn Networks also contributed to the Structured Blogging effort by contributing the user interface (in conjunction with Broadband Mechanics.) GoingOn will include full Structured Blogging compatibility in its platform when it ships by the end of Q1 2006.