Blog Content from Gawker Media and Corante Available Via Newstex

Apr 11, 2006

Newstex, a Content On Demand company, has announced that blog content from Gawker Media and Corante will be made available via the Blogs On Demand product. Blogs On Demand offers blog networks and individual bloggers a syndication business model. Newstex Blogs On Demand delivers full-text blog content from Weblogs for content distributors and enterprise customers.

Gawker Media, an independent media company with titles in over a dozen categories, takes the Weblog content formula and applies the business model of a traditional consumer magazine. Blogs delivered through Gawker Media include the flagship Gawker, plus Gizmodo, Wonkette, and others. Corante is a social media company that currently attracts tens of millions of pageviews a month. 

Notable among blogs added from Gawker Media include: Gizmodo; Defamer; Kotaku; Gridskipper; Sploid; and Valleywag. Blogs added from Corante include: Copyfight; Brandshift; Future Tense; Total Experience; Podcasting; Strange Attractor; Goyami; Online Dating Insider; Brain Waves; and In the Pipeline.