Blis Announces New Collaborations to Improve Measurement of In-Stores Sales

Oct 31, 2017

Blis, a provider of location data technology, has partnered with some of the world’s leading third-party data and analytics companies to provide brands with a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior both on and offline. These collaborations with Oracle Data Cloud, RSi’s Ansa, IRI, and PushSpring are helping brands across North America craft hyper-targeted and highly effective campaigns.

Oracle Data Cloud creates advanced audience segments using purchase-based data plus lifestyle, online behavioral, demo, and more across 91% of U.S. households. This enables Blis’ clients to target category and brand buyers at scale, with relevant messages, to minimize waste. That same data can also be used to help measure how effectively campaigns are reaching those buyers.

RSi’s Ansa provides Blis customers with daily, store-level POS-data to measure the impact of digital ads on in-store sales uplift at nation’s leading retailers. In addition to improving attribution, brands working with Blis can use this data to determine where their products aren’t selling or where they tend to sell out and adjust localized ad spend accordingly.

IRI provides point-of- sale data from leading retailers and CPG companies from around the globe, enabling brands to measure in-store sales uplift as a result of digital media campaigns. This new partnership is empowering Blis’ clients to improve attribution and make informed targeting decisions.

PushSpring allows Blis to target users based on what apps they have downloaded. For example, a CPG brand can now drill down and target users who only have the Sam’s Club loyalty app.

By merging these powerful capabilities with Blis’ advanced location data and technology, a consumer’s real world and online behavior are now more closely linked than ever before, allowing marketers to improve targeting, attribution and measurable return on ad spend.