Blinkx Acquires Lyfe Mobile

May 08, 2014

blinkx plc, an internet media platform that connects consumers with brands through professionally generated content, announced that it has acquired LYFE Mobile, a mobile Demand Side Platform (DSP) and Data Management Platform (DMP), in an all cash transaction.

LYFE Mobile offers a smart mobile technology to programmatically deliver relevant ads to consumers based on their geographic location and other attributes. LYFE Mobile's cross channel platform offers a full range of mobile advertising formats, including mobile display, video and native ads with customized, dynamic audience segmentation and targeting capabilities.

LYFE Mobile's targeting capabilities and API recognize a mobile user's recent activities and environment - such as whether it's raining at a specific location - and can insert relevant advertising on over 5,000 devices and across 100,000 mobile applications. The acquisition of LYFE Mobile represents the continued extension of blinkx into the demand side of the programmatic value chain. As part of the transaction, blinkx has hired the LYFE Mobile team - a talented and multifaceted group of engineers, data scientists, and business staff with years of relevant mobile experience and relationships.