Blesh Introduces Physical Web Beacons

Dec 18, 2014

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Developers who want to enable physical objects to communicate with smart phones and other personal gadgets can now order Blesh PW Beacons and the Blesh PW App and participate in the public project called "The Physical Web",  an initiative that plans to let people walk up to smart objects and with a single tap interact with them on demand.

The Blesh PW Beacons are tiny, relatively low-cost Physical Web stick-on devices that weigh less than an ounce. They broadcast a URL via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) smart signals that can give intelligence to physical objects and let nearby Android devices interact with them to initiate tasks, obtain information, pay for purchases, or simply identify themselves to the object. The Blesh PW kit is available for $50 and consists of three Blesh PW beacon devices. The kits ship anywhere in the world. 

The Physical Web is an open experimental project and is available for participation by any developer. The aim is to experiment and begin to standardize a system whereby physical objects can communicate with nearby devices without requiring WiFi or requiring users to install a specialized app.