Blast Radius Transitions XMetaL Team; Announces XMetaL Version 4.5

Mar 23, 2004

Blast Radius has closed its XMetaL acquisition agreement with Corel. On February 6, 2004, Blast Radius had announced its intention to acquire all assets of Corel's XMetaL division. XMetaL version 4.5, available mid CY 2004, is designed to provide customers with enhanced features such as MathML and SGML support and improved development tools. These enhanced features are intended to allow businesses to more rapidly deploy XML document and authoring solutions for applications such as product documentation and financial reporting.

The XMetaL product development and client management teams have been transitioned from Corel to Blast Radius' product division, including Peter Sharpe, one of the original creators of XML and developers of XMetaL, Phill Barratt, Director - XML Content Solutions, and Jay Di Silvestri, VP of Enterprise Solutions. As part of the transition from Corel to Blast Radius, XMetaL customer service can now be reached at 1 (866) 793-1542 in North America and 44-1628-589826 in EMEA.

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