Blackboard Academic Suiteā€™s Capabilities Broadened

Jul 20, 2007


Blackboard Inc has announced that the full capabilities of the Blackboard Academic Suite are now available to clients who use the Blackboard Learning System--CE Enterprise License (formerly webCT Campus Edition) and Blackboard Learning System--Vista Enterprise License (formerly webCT Vista). These product offerings are designed to provide capabilities that enable institutions to develop collaborative communities, on- and off-campus, manage learning content and assess learning outcomes. These capabilities are available to academic institutions using the Blackboard Learning System - CE 4, CE 6 and Vista 4 Enterprise Licenses.

The Blackboard Community System is designed to enable campuses to create online communities for students and faculty. These communities enhance information flow, improve student engagement and retention through increased interactions and foster connections between students. The Blackboard Content System is designed to enable increased collaboration and efficiency in teaching and learning, by providing access to educational content. This application makes it easier to identify relevant learning resources, share key documents with others, and showcase accomplishments. The Blackboard Outcomes System is designed to provide institutions with the tools and insight to guide measurable improvement. The platform is designed to reduces the time and cost of assessment by structuring, tracking and reporting on assessment
processes like accreditation and strategic planning. Academic and administrative outcomes can be measured using a comprehensive set of instruments.