Bizo Unveils Business Audience Marketing Platform

Mar 10, 2011

Bizo announced the release of the Bizo Audience Marketing Platform (BAMP), a platform designed to help marketers reach and influence their target demographics at multiple locations around the internet. The platform is driven by anonymous third party-certified data on more than 85 million business professionals.

The new BAMP combines business audience data and an analytics and optimization toolkit with a sizable business professional ad network. The platform also includes new capabilities such as deeper analytics and reporting about the success of ongoing campaigns. The free audience analytics tools are designed to help marketers understand which targets they're reaching, while the BAMP platform automatically categorizes site visitors based on which products and offerings they view. This data is then used to help marketers optimize campaigns to have the greatest impact on the desired audience segments.

Bizo is privately-held and based in San Francisco, California.