Bizo Launches "Full-Funnel Analytics"

Sep 19, 2013

Bizo, a provider of business audience marketing, announced it has launched Bizo Full-Funnel Analytics, new reporting capabilities in the Bizo Marketing Platform that enable marketers to identify and measure the impact of display advertising at every stage of the marketing funnel. Using Bizo Full-Funnel Analytics, B2B marketers can more accurately measure the impact of their display advertising according to specific marketing objectives, rather than rely on "last-click" attribution.

Bizo's platform includes proprietary data on more than 85% of the US business population and enhanced attribution tracking capabilities. These enable Bizo Full-Funnel Analytics to identify the business demographic profile of website visitors, their exposure to Bizo display advertising, and how that exposure changes their purchase behavior.

Marketers can use Bizo Full-Funnel Analytics to measure the number of new website visitors resulting from Bizo display advertising, and compare to visitors from other channels; determine the Cost Per New Visitor (CPNV) of each new Bizo-introduced visitor and optimize the cost for acquiring a new prospect; compare the lift in website engagement and conversions of visitors exposed to Bizo display advertising versus those not exposed to ads; identify the business demographics of those visiting-and converting-on their websites, and track trends over time; measure the number of display advertising impressions delivered against specific business target audiences.