Bizo Introduces B2B Marketing Platform, Self-Service Edition

Nov 15, 2012

Bizo announced a significant expansion of Bizo Marketing Platform, Self-Service Edition, a solution that helps small and mid-sized (SMB) marketers reach and nurture their target prospects online. SMB marketers can now use Bizo to manage their B2B social marketing and display ad retargeting campaigns in a single platform.

Bizo's Self-Service Edition now offers a range of new social marketing capabilities, including "social retargeting," enabling marketers to retarget display ads to prospects who have clicked on content links shared through social channels. The platform also includes a number of other social marketing features that are designed to help SMB marketers engage their audiences, and move them through the marketing funnel.

Bizo Marketing Platform, Self-Service Edition includes display ad retargeting, social retargeting, social audience analytics, shared content branding, conversion action tracking.