Bitrix Releases Site Manager 4.0

Mar 25, 2005


Bitrix company has announced release of the new version of Bitrix Site Manager 4.0 content management system. The Bitrix Site Manager 4.0 can be used both by corporate customers and individual Web developers as the base to develop new sites from scratch and manage the existing sites. The Bitrix Site Manager 4.0 enables users to build as many sites as necessary, using a single copy (license) of the product.

One innovation is a components mechanism that provides visual publishing of dynamic content. It is possible to display and manage dynamic content (like news, Web forms, polls, catalogs etc) using WYSIWYG editor. Users choose the component, drag it to the page, and configure additional display parameters. Template integration process has been greatly simplified. Now it is possible to download the designed template as a single archive file though the Web-interface. One template can be applied to several sites at the same time. Templates can be exported for use in another project or sold to other Bitrix Site Manager users. There are more than 100 other new features introduced at the Bitrix Site Manager 4.0, including system and productivity updates, as well as a new documentation package that is available for system users and developers.

There are two site licenses included with the product copy delivery and licenses for additional sites can be ordered separately. There are volume discounts available both for the site product copies and additional site licenses. The partners discount system has been modified; partner prices should be calculated according to the customer order price and the partners are also able to make the wholesale purchase and activate the license key within 6 month after the purchase date. Bitrix Site Manager 4.0 trial version is available online for free.