Bitrix Releases New Edition of Site Manager for Small Business

Nov 23, 2004

Bitrix has announced the release of a new edition of the Bitrix Site Manager for small business. The content management system is designed to enable launching an E-shop with a minimum of capital expenditures. Bitrix Site Manager Small Business Edition includes eight modules of the product, which can be used to create a product catalog, assign user access permissions to prices, process orders, publish news, etc.

Bitrix Site Manager enables users to add product descriptions to the site catalogs while enrolling the product properties. The system also provides facilities to export information on products and prices according to the specifications of Froogle and other sale search systems. Bitrix Site Manager offers several predefined templates for various pay systems like Paypal, Ibill, Assist, WebMoney etc. Other pay systems can be described and implemented by creating templates for the required system. Bitrix Site Manager allows users to assign different price types like wholesale price, retail price, and partner price. Administrator can restrict the access permission of an individual visitor to the specific price type. A full-featured 30-day trial version of Bitrix Site Manager is available for free and can be downloaded from the product site.