Bitrix Introduces the D.I.G. Engine

Mar 11, 2010

Bitrix, Inc. has introduced D.I.G. technology, a search engine developed specifically for enterprise intranets and websites to enable search in text, media content, and documents. The engine is available in the company's flagship products Bitrix Intranet Portal and Bitrix Site Manager.

D.I.G. natively supports Microsoft Office, and Adobe Acrobat documents and enables connection of third-party file parsers for search in specific formats. D.I.G is designed to comply with corporate data security policies. The search results are filtered with respect to the user access rights before being displayed. D.I.G. offers manual or immediate automatic data indexing, making content searchable right after its submission. Users may create complex search queries using query language, inclusion/exclusion masks and logic operators, as well as choose specific site sections for a highly targeted search. The technology supports AJAX-powered interactive pages, provides taxonomy service with automatic tag cloud generation, allows making Google Sitemap, as well as a user-specific search form design. It covers English, German and Russian and enables fast and painless connecting of other languages with third-party stemming tables.